Living with a Label

Making a Difference

The Compass Center

The Compass Center is a local community outreach ministry that was started by Scott Bell  and Carrie Conrad in 2014. It's development came about as a result of a survey conducted among the private and governmental agencies of Tuscarawas County, Ohio. That survey revealed a gap in helping those who have backgrounds of addiction, incarceration and homelessness not only acquire, but sustain quality employment.

The Compass Center specializes in teaching character-driven employment sustainability skills and helps the individual focus on not just another job, but on pursing a fulfilling vocation and career.

We accomplish this through 3 platforms of Jobs for Life, Character for Life and Peer Mentoring. We will be launching fourth platform this spring, Sunday Morning's with the Compass Center.

Our over-riding goal is to help the individual see themselves differently and overcome the negative labels that they and others have placed on them.

Changing Directions, Changing Lives